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my pre-summer vacation

Back in mid-May, I went on a 3-week vacation with O to Vietnam and Japan. It was his first time in Vietnam, my first time meeting his dad AND our first long international trip alone together. No pressure, right? :) Nah, we had such a blast (despite a few mishaps here and there). It was definitely a food trip for us. We (well, mainly me) made a list of all the food and/or places we wanted to eat in each location we stayed at. And needless to say, we almost hit 10 out of 10 spots. The weather was great most of the time (we caught the beginning of the raining season), and we got to enjoy some beautiful beaches in both countries. It’s been over a month since we came back and I’m STILL craving/missing the food we ate, especially in Japan.

Below are some photos I took (I decided not to bring my DLSR this time and took everything on my iPhone 4s). For the rest of the photos from the trip, click here. You will see that 90% of my photos were of the food we ate. Can’t you tell that I want to become a foodie? :-)

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end of november

Thanksgiving weekend was so nice and long, and I wish it never has to end.
There’s only one more month until the end of year 2013, and the beginning of another year of life.
Happy December, everyone.

{Thanksgiving 2013}

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happy thanks day

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day/weekend, everyone. Despite all those mishaps, mistakes, misdoubts, misunderstandings or missteps in life, I hope you will still take the time to be a little more mindful, feel a little more blessed, be a little more caring and most importantly, be more thankful for everything in your life than you normally would be.

After almost 3 years since the last Thanksgiving–shortly before my dad passed away, finally did I feel less bitter, less dissatisfied, less hate, less regret, less stagnant, less unhappiness.

It’s a slow progress that will continue to tread on, but I am glad to admit that I’ve never been happier or more thankful for everything good that I have (and still have) in my life since then: plenty of food to eat, a good shelter with my family, rock solid friends I can always count on, a stable job, a healthy body (well, somewhat), good people I meet along the way…and last but not least, a best friend and partner to share all kinds of adventures with. Your contagiously loving, optimistic, good and charismatic self is inducing a [better] change in me, O.

Thank you. <3

{Image circa Thanksgiving 2010}

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