disparity project

Disparity, by Christopher Boffoli

I just had to smile, ooh/aah-ed and be entertained when I saw the work of Christopher Boffoli with his Disparity Project {via Awesome Robo}. Miniatures are always so fun to see, and these photographs are not ones to go without noticing.

What’s your favorite?

Oh, and his other photography works/projects are also impressive and worth taking a second look (I also love his Tilt Shift photos). See more here.

Thanks N. for showing this to me!

{All images from Christopher Boffoli}

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10 thoughts on “disparity project

  1. xandreverkes says:

    I can’t choose!!!! Sooooo creative!!!!! Super entertaining!!!! :D **

  2. Wow.. This is my first to see a combined food and miniatures to make cool art…my favorite are the mallows but the hotdog has a twist of humor in it. Thanks. Have a sweet day!

  3. These are so creative. I LOVE THESE. Amazing. Thanks for sharing this

  4. keroiam says:

    this is AWESOME!

  5. rachel says:

    haha! I love the crime scene one :)

  6. The last one! They’re all funny, but that one is just priceless. These must be so much fun to make.

  7. bookjunkie says:

    my fave’s the pancakes, but now I’m starving ;-)

  8. Susan Hazel says:

    I love, love the orange with the lawn-mower. These are so cool!

  9. Lauren says:

    These are such a good time!

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