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vietnam 2012

My two weeks trip to Vietnam was relaxing, satisfying and a whole lot better this time around. I was filled with great food, the beach, cheap massages, hot weather and good company. But, boy do I hate flying!

See more photos.

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During my trip to Vietnam several weeks ago, I had a chance to see a couple of my good friends who had moved there {from Seattle} for work. Can’t say that I’m not envious! I would love to live and work {at least for a year} in Vietnam someday.

These photos were taken at Ho Tram Beach Resort & Spa in Vung Tau. We only wanted to use their beach to relax and nap for a few hours. :-) I really enjoyed this quiet and free-of-tourists beach, but not so much the long bumpy ride to get there {~3 hours, one-way}.

These adorable and {naturally} tiny kitties below belong to my eldest aunt. There are four of them: three brown and one orange tabby. Sadly, they were taken in only to catch the rats in the house.

Pets in Vietnam aren’t as loved and appreciated as the ones here, so they’re not used to the affection I was trying to give them. I wish I could bring one back with me!

Have a good weekend, everyone! Meowr.

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