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I LOVE and REALLY WANT a pair or two of these shoes (designed by Sara Gulyas). Basically, you choose your lace color(s) and shade of premium quality leather. Then you get a kit that contains everything you need to make your own pair of ‘Pikkpack’ shoes. The concept is awesome (I love any/all DIY), and the shoes look so comfortable and light to wear as well. For more images of the shoes, click here.

They’re also making a Kickstarter, and I can’t wait until this product launches.

{Images via PIKKPACK}

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{Images via Jaume Montserrat: Emptyland}

Amazing yet disturbing illustrations of animals unraveling and merging with others. See Jaume Montserrat’s other great personal works here.

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gift ideas: for the travel friend

…how about this fun postcard for you to stitch on the map and mark your destinations?

…or this adorably sweet chalkboard card that lets you write little notes/letters back and forth with your loved ones? (Watch this short video, too.)

{Images via Baum-Kuchen}

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Love this cool versatile shelf called Chuck! Chuck consists of six wooden planks with two stainless steel collars at both ends to keep the planks in place. Designed by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn from hafriko, it is quite pricey but you can buy it here.

{Images from Design Milk}

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elie saab: spring/summer 2014

I am in love. My absolutely all-time favorite designer Elie Saab has done it again with his spring/summer ready-to-wear collection. I love the classy use of lace in these dresses–especially the long pieces which, honestly, could easily translate to my perfect kind of wedding dresses.

His resort 2014 collection is also amazing. Clean lines and classic with a modern/contemporary twist to it.

{Images from Elie Saab}

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