happy thanks day

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day/weekend, everyone. Despite all those mishaps, mistakes, misdoubts, misunderstandings or missteps in life, I hope you will still take the time to be a little more mindful, feel a little more blessed, be a little more caring and most importantly, be more thankful for everything in your life than you normally would be.

After almost 3 years since the last Thanksgiving–shortly before my dad passed away, finally did I feel less bitter, less dissatisfied, less hate, less regret, less stagnant, less unhappiness.

It’s a slow progress that will continue to tread on, but I am glad to admit that I’ve never been happier or more thankful for everything good that I have (and still have) in my life since then: plenty of food to eat, a good shelter with my family, rock solid friends I can always count on, a stable job, a healthy body (well, somewhat), good people I meet along the way…and last but not least, a best friend and partner to share all kinds of adventures with. Your contagiously loving, optimistic, good and charismatic self is inducing a [better] change in me, O.

Thank you. <3

{Image circa Thanksgiving 2010}

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