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becoming inspired again

It’s summer again, and I have decided to resume blogging after such a long break. My workroom moved (this is the second time–and probably not the last) but I’m happy to say that it is settled for the foreseeable future. Since then I have pretty much holed myself up in there, doing as much as I could to draw out any ounce of inspiration I have left in me from the last couple years.

Right now everything is rusty and full of practice. But, I have managed to make two pairs of earrings, two necklaces, a watercolor piece (shown above) and a very rough sketch of the next painting I’m going to work on. I feel like I suddenly have so many things to make/create! That’s a good thing, right?

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{Images via Jaume Montserrat: Emptyland}

Amazing yet disturbing illustrations of animals unraveling and merging with others. See Jaume Montserrat’s other great personal works here.

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gift ideas: for the travel friend

…how about this fun postcard for you to stitch on the map and mark your destinations?

…or this adorably sweet chalkboard card that lets you write little notes/letters back and forth with your loved ones? (Watch this short video, too.)

{Images via Baum-Kuchen}

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Love this cool versatile shelf called Chuck! Chuck consists of six wooden planks with two stainless steel collars at both ends to keep the planks in place. Designed by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn from hafriko, it is quite pricey but you can buy it here.

{Images from Design Milk}

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