monday {and snow}


It began yesterday and continued on to Monday. I have a VERY good feeling about the upcoming snowstorm(s) this winter. *crosses fingers*

And yes, snow is a big deal in Seattle. :-)

{Above: Jennifer Comstock’s colorful watercolor prints seem so sweet and dark at the same time.}

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8 thoughts on “monday {and snow}

  1. Those are so beautiful..Yay to snow:) I cant wait for our first snow:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I love snow….only experienced it once…sounds like heaven!! winter is definitely my fave season although I live in perpetual sun and rain Singapore.

  3. You have been very busy while you are waiting. Here in Indiana it is still very warm but we do have a nasty rain storm moving in tonight. I hope I am as productive as you when I’m stuck in the house tomorrow.

  4. woww! i can’t believe it is snowing already!!! i like and don’t like snow all at the same time.. it’s pretty… and you can wear cute winter accessories… but it’s too dang cold!!

    • Angie says:

      i like snow when there’s A LOT of it. :-) otherwise, it’s only an inconvenience. this cold of a weather is so good for staying home with the heat and tv on. and computer. :-)

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