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my pre-summer vacation

Back in mid-May, I went on a 3-week vacation with O to Vietnam and Japan. It was his first time in Vietnam, my first time meeting his dad AND our first long international trip alone together. No pressure, right? :) Nah, we had such a blast (despite a few mishaps here and there). It was definitely a food trip for us. We (well, mainly me) made a list of all the food and/or places we wanted to eat in each location we stayed at. And needless to say, we almost hit 10 out of 10 spots. The weather was great most of the time (we caught the beginning of the raining season), and we got to enjoy some beautiful beaches in both countries. It’s been over a month since we came back and I’m STILL craving/missing the food we ate, especially in Japan.

Below are some photos I took (I decided not to bring my DLSR this time and took everything on my iPhone 4s). For the rest of the photos from the trip, click here. You will see that 90% of my photos were of the food we ate. Can’t you tell that I want to become a foodie? :-)

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vietnam 2012

My two weeks trip to Vietnam was relaxing, satisfying and a whole lot better this time around. I was filled with great food, the beach, cheap massages, hot weather and good company. But, boy do I hate flying!

See more photos.

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a new year

Leavenworth, WA {2010}

Good bye, 2011.

I hope that there should be no more of the kind of year worse than the one you’ve given me. You took away from me one of the very few important people in my life through a tragic accident, and I just can’t get myself to be the same person again. A new day or a new year won’t change the past, so all I can rightfully hope is that life may slowly and imperfectly mend itself from here on out. For what it’s worth, you did present me with a better job and a closer relationship with my mom. But at the end you still turned ugly. We had to put down our newly found kitten, who had developed a fatal disease at barely 12 weeks old. It was the second hardest thing I ever had to deal with. The holidays became extremely difficult and unbearable. I kept wishing for everything and everyone to be over quickly and get on with January already. But I do apologize if I’ve been lackluster with the holiday wishes and cheers.

Good bye forever, 2011. I won’t ever forget you.

Hello, 2012.

I hope you’ll be a better one. I have some big goals I want you to see through, and a few little ones along the way. I’m just going to try to grasp on anything I [think] still have control over in this life. But in no particular order; I want to owe nothing more to the education I now realized was a worthless 2 years [mistake] of my life. This is going to be tough and most likely drawn out til the end of the year. Second, the Seattle-to-Portland bicycle trip? Yeah, I want to go through with it and push myself (physically). Which leads to my next goal: exercise/stay fit/work out/be active. Whatever you call it, I’m going to be doing it. It’s always been a very passive new year’s resolution but, I could feel this year will be different. I did get a 2 days head-start already–very proud of myself! And then there are a few more things I’d like to accomplish (or at least begin) this year, but I’ll bring them up to you later once I get my head wrapped around those ideas for at least a while.

You’ll see.

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Happy Friday!

You may have seen these before in my tweets, but if not–here they are! Mine and N.’s used-but-still-great bicycles, and we’ve been trying to get the most of out of them the second half of this summer.

My red bike (I was told by the seller that it was in the STP (Seattle-to-Portland) Bicycle Classic). So it’s quite a trooper.

N.’s bike (his is newer and better than mine).

It’s been fun (and sometimes stressful/frustrating) learning how to ride a road bike for the first time, but I am loving it now. Too bad we live in a rainy city!

I still want a little basket on my bicycle, though. And then maybe put our cat Link in it for a joy ride. ;-P

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Less than two months before summer is over, but I JUST started riding and enjoying my new bicycle (photos to follow soon!). Why does this time of the year always fly by us so fast? I feel like I’m constantly late trying to catch up to summer every year, and by the time it finally rolls around the corner–fall appears. I could go on forever about this, really, if I wanted to. But enough of this boring weather talk. :-)

I am currently loving British electronic composer James Blake’s shockingly sultry voice (try closing your eyes and listening to him sing before seeing what he looks like first–you’d be pleasantly surprised, too) and super chill music when I first heard him on an episode of Entourage.

If you haven’t heard of this kid yet, check out The Wilhelm Scream and Limit To Your Love on YouTube.

Some other songs that cheer me up:

*Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
*Faithfully by Journey
*Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons
*Bad Day by Daniel Powter

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