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becoming inspired again

It’s summer again, and I have decided to resume blogging after such a long break. My workroom moved (this is the second time–and probably not the last) but I’m happy to say that it is settled for the foreseeable future. Since then I have pretty much holed myself up in there, doing as much as I could to draw out any ounce of inspiration I have left in me from the last couple years.

Right now everything is rusty and full of practice. But, I have managed to make two pairs of earrings, two necklaces, a watercolor piece (shown above) and a very rough sketch of the next painting I’m going to work on. I feel like I suddenly have so many things to make/create! That’s a good thing, right?

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flats + happy friday

One of my favorite pair of flats is a tiny bit too big and hard to walk in. Finally I just had to do something about it and came up with a quick idea of adding straps to keep my feet from swinging and kicking them at other people as I walk.

Hand-sewing the straps simply took 15 minutes, and it’s pretty self-explanatory {as you can see from the pictures}.

It also requires very little materials, which you can easily find around your house:

• no-fray glue
• fabric glue
• needle (quilting is best)
• thread
• scissors
• 4 small buttons (I like to mismatch mine)
• 4 elastic strips
• 4 cotton/linen strips (cover the threading inside)

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