jim denevan

I recently discovered amazing artist Jim Denevan on Angel’s blog {77inspire} and just had to check his work out.

Denevan composes unique and temporary drawings on beaches and dry lake surfaces around the world. I was browsing through all of his works on the website, and was in complete awe the entire time. This is another great example of someone focusing on one thing, and doing it so well.

These {temporary} images only last until the next wave or tide comes in, erasing whatever it could from the completed picture.

In 2010, Jim began making enormous drawings on dry or frozen lakes. Each of these drawings measures several miles in diameter, and they’ve become the largest artworks ever created. The photo below is from his project in Lake Baikal, Siberia.

To find out more about this project, visit the ANTHROPOLOGiST.

{Images from Jim Denevan’s website}
{Via 77inspire}

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4 thoughts on “jim denevan

  1. amazing. the works of artists on that site just blow me away. i hadn’t checked it out on a while. thank goodness for you or else i might have missed out!

  2. Those are so cool. I really like the contrast in the third one. And the black and white photos are just neat. Thanks for sharing.

  3. rsmacaalay says:

    This is truly an excellenr work of art, just imagine how did he do that without having that top perspective.

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