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becoming inspired again

It’s summer again, and I have decided to resume blogging after such a long break. My workroom moved (this is the second time–and probably not the last) but I’m happy to say that it is settled for the foreseeable future. Since then I have pretty much holed myself up in there, doing as much as I could to draw out any ounce of inspiration I have left in me from the last couple years.

Right now everything is rusty and full of practice. But, I have managed to make two pairs of earrings, two necklaces, a watercolor piece (shown above) and a very rough sketch of the next painting I’m going to work on. I feel like I suddenly have so many things to make/create! That’s a good thing, right?

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this ilk

Okay, I admit that sometimes I just want a little “bedazzle” on my simple tops or a very subtle dress when I go out, and I found these perfect accessories from This Ilk. Cute, right?

{Images from This Ilk}

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colors, colors

It’s officially summer, and I am loving these funky and colorful pieces by RHLS, paired with some pretty jewelry from Janelle Wisehart.

So there’s only a few more days until my friend’s wedding, and I am super excited (for her)! We are crossing our fingers for beautiful summer weather this Saturday. Please don’t disappoint us, Seattle!

And yes, I got a new look for my blog to cross off on my little to-do list for the summer, courtesy of Derek Punsalan.

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katheyl jewelry

I recently got to know sweet Katherine through email, and found that she also has a cute jewelry shop on Etsy. Katherine’s flowers are mostly made of resin, and she incorporates glass beads, faux pearls and Swarovski crystals in her jewelry.

She says:

“I’m an electronics engineer by training but had subsequently moved into the Human Resource functions as well as Executive Search business.

I adore all things whimsy and girlish as well as nature-related (I was a volunteer in the Singapore Zoo for 7 years), so my works in Katheyl are basically a reflection of what I love!”

Find out more about Katherine through her Tumblr or Facebook!

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gappy friday!

{Check out these cute laser-cut wood accessories & jewelry by VectorCloud.}

This weekend I will be working on my shop some more, going watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Jayven, and finishing up the holidays decorations at home.

How are you spending your first weekend before Christmas?

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