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my father, my hero

Whether it’s been 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks or 3 days–I don’t miss him any less. The fact that I can swell up in tears at the instant thought of him means nothing has really changed. It is especially difficult to deal with around this time of the year. I cannot fall asleep when my head is full of thoughts about him. I keep seeing him in my dreams when I finally do. I look at his photos and memories come flooding back. The only comforting thought to carry on is the glimmer of hope that he is always with me, watching over me and our family.

He was the happiest and most optimistic person I have ever met. He might have been flawed to other people, but he was always perfect in my eyes. After he was gone, a permanent dark cloud looms over our heads every day. Nothing is the same anymore. Just a big broken mirror with glass pieces glued in place.

Still, I will try to make him proud. Because I am my father’s daughter.

Because he is my hero.

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happy holidays

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with their loved ones. Undeniably, this year has been much more eventful than the last several years. Mostly in a good way–as I was able to spend a lot more time with old and new friends, get more festive with the decorations/presents and feel a little more merry. Although I still struggle to come to terms about how the holidays used to be and what it meant for me in the past, at the same time I’m trying to make peace and enjoy the [better] changes as I continue to move on with life.

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end of november

Thanksgiving weekend was so nice and long, and I wish it never has to end.
There’s only one more month until the end of year 2013, and the beginning of another year of life.
Happy December, everyone.

{Thanksgiving 2013}

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happy thanks day

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day/weekend, everyone. Despite all those mishaps, mistakes, misdoubts, misunderstandings or missteps in life, I hope you will still take the time to be a little more mindful, feel a little more blessed, be a little more caring and most importantly, be more thankful for everything in your life than you normally would be.

After almost 3 years since the last Thanksgiving–shortly before my dad passed away, finally did I feel less bitter, less dissatisfied, less hate, less regret, less stagnant, less unhappiness.

It’s a slow progress that will continue to tread on, but I am glad to admit that I’ve never been happier or more thankful for everything good that I have (and still have) in my life since then: plenty of food to eat, a good shelter with my family, rock solid friends I can always count on, a stable job, a healthy body (well, somewhat), good people I meet along the way…and last but not least, a best friend and partner to share all kinds of adventures with. Your contagiously loving, optimistic, good and charismatic self is inducing a [better] change in me, O.

Thank you. <3

{Image circa Thanksgiving 2010}

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We had our one and only reunion in 2010 to celebrate the holidays. It was cold outside but warm and {stomach} -filling inside with old friends and good food.

Also spent Christmas Eve with my family {+ more food} and met these adorable three newborn puppies for the first time ever. Too bad they’ve been reserved by other lucky families a while ago.

Having one week off to end the year was one of the best things I’ve received in 2010. It was relaxing but productive at the same time. Meaning? Well, besides catching up on sleep, watching lots of TV and reading more books, I’ve been working day and night to get my shop ready. So stay tuned for more updates and news!

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thanksgiving weekend recap

Well! That was a nice 4-day Thanksgiving weekend filled with food, family and extra days to relax at home.

_a LOT of sleep
_{sort-of} Thanksgiving dinners with the two families
_The Sting, Maria Full of Grace
_dinner with Nam
_Christmas decorations {here and here}

…and hopefully our tree and the rest of the decorations will be up this weekend.

I think I want a proper Christmas/holidays celebration and atmosphere this year. With more snow, please.

Oh, and happy Monday!

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