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tote bags

{I love tote bags, especially these simple book tote bags from the bold banana. And they’re so cheap!}

A while back, N. and I started our “Craft Night/Week” because we were really pumped about doing something creative. So we attempted at making a reversible tote bag {using these fabrics} from bad {as we found out along the way} DIY instructions on some forum discussions.

Well, long story short: we made a lot of mistakes, tried to fix some of them (successfully), and the rest we eventually gave up because the project was taking TOO long. So we left the tote bag as-is. It’s not 100% complete and perfect, but I still use it sometimes anyway. :-)

{Images from the bold banana}

. . . . . . . . . . .

And I’m posting this note to enter a contest offered by MeridaHome at Erin’s awesome Design For Mankind blog! I want to win the iPad 2. Who doesn’t? :-D

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filigree creations

I want these Filigree Creations lampshades in my home. So bright, fun and pretty!

There’s also a DIY tutorial I found on The Sassy Bride if you just rather make a similar non-lampshade one yourself. You know, for party decorations and stuff. The white ones in that tutorial are great for weddings or bridal showers!

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new items & a skirt

{Dream of pastels. Check out the new clips + headbands today in the shop.}

And I tried making a second skirt last week. So far, it’s been a skirt/year…but I want to change that. The final result was better than my first attempt in terms of execution, but I know it still needs a lot more tweaking and practice to look perfect/polished.

Here are the sneak peeks (look familiar..?):


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flats + happy friday

One of my favorite pair of flats is a tiny bit too big and hard to walk in. Finally I just had to do something about it and came up with a quick idea of adding straps to keep my feet from swinging and kicking them at other people as I walk.

Hand-sewing the straps simply took 15 minutes, and it’s pretty self-explanatory {as you can see from the pictures}.

It also requires very little materials, which you can easily find around your house:

• no-fray glue
• fabric glue
• needle (quilting is best)
• thread
• scissors
• 4 small buttons (I like to mismatch mine)
• 4 elastic strips
• 4 cotton/linen strips (cover the threading inside)

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sukanart pillows

I want these pretty embroidered pillows from sukanart. But I’m positive our cat will tear those embellishments off. Bummer!

Did I also mention that my head has been swirling with ideas about decorating the new apartment with a number of DIY projects {courtesy of howaboutorange and IS•LY | I Still Love You, jcarolinecreative, and krylon}? Hopefully all within my budget and agreeable with both the mister + our cat. Who knows…maybe this place will feel a lot more homely, comfortable and even inspiring than the previous one.

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one dress done

I finally finished fixing one of my store-bought dresses. The skirt used to be about 3 inches below the knees. The length made me look diminutive and old-fashioned (this dress is around 4 years old). Now I’ve shortened the skirt to 3 inches above the knees to accentuate the layers. The dress is ready to be worn again but nowhere to go. =)

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