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even the stars, they burn.

After two+ years, I finally decided to chop my long hair off. It’s been fun, long hair, but my inner self has always preferred short (if not shorter) hair. Long hair is pretty and can even be glamorous, but for whatever reason I just feel it kind of lacks everything else.

Anyway, this was mainly a result of me feeling restless lately. They always come and go–coming more often than leaving, actually. In those moments I would flood my head with all sorts of thoughts or escape in my daydreams, which generally comprise of three things: a) living in my own place b) traveling to warm/sunny beaches or c) leaving Seattle [semi-permanently]. Since none of those things are happening any time soon, I desperately crave for other therapeutic, happy distractions. Even temporary, superficial distractions are welcome.

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new clips!!


I finally have more clips {with different sizes} in the shop now! The multi- & cream colored clips are inspired by the fabric in the same collection as the recently listed greeting cards.


+ canary yellow
+ star burst
+ creamy white

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