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I LOVE and REALLY WANT a pair or two of these shoes (designed by Sara Gulyas). Basically, you choose your lace color(s) and shade of premium quality leather. Then you get a kit that contains everything you need to make your own pair of ‘Pikkpack’ shoes. The concept is awesome (I love any/all DIY), and the shoes look so comfortable and light to wear as well. For more images of the shoes, click here.

They’re also making a Kickstarter, and I can’t wait until this product launches.

{Images via PIKKPACK}

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flats + happy friday

One of my favorite pair of flats is a tiny bit too big and hard to walk in. Finally I just had to do something about it and came up with a quick idea of adding straps to keep my feet from swinging and kicking them at other people as I walk.

Hand-sewing the straps simply took 15 minutes, and it’s pretty self-explanatory {as you can see from the pictures}.

It also requires very little materials, which you can easily find around your house:

• no-fray glue
• fabric glue
• needle (quilting is best)
• thread
• scissors
• 4 small buttons (I like to mismatch mine)
• 4 elastic strips
• 4 cotton/linen strips (cover the threading inside)

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seesaw vintage

Mini clothespins are cute, but stamping “Don’t Forget” on them immediately becomes a must-have for my work station.

I love the blue. I love the simple lines. I love how you can wear anything with. I bet they’re super comfortable, too. Sadly, I’m nowhere near a size 8.5 to call them my own.

Forget the mini spice jars that always give me difficulty opening them from my current rack. I want these big clear jars in my kitchen right now. Or maybe use them as my arts & craft jars? Or paint jars? Oh, the possibilities..

{One, two, and three of my favorite items from SeeSaw Vintage of SeeSaw Designs.}

Oh, and happy Friday!

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