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becoming inspired again

It’s summer again, and I have decided to resume blogging after such a long break. My workroom moved (this is the second time–and probably not the last) but I’m happy to say that it is settled for the foreseeable future. Since then I have pretty much holed myself up in there, doing as much as I could to draw out any ounce of inspiration I have left in me from the last couple years.

Right now everything is rusty and full of practice. But, I have managed to make two pairs of earrings, two necklaces, a watercolor piece (shown above) and a very rough sketch of the next painting I’m going to work on. I feel like I suddenly have so many things to make/create! That’s a good thing, right?

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by Miguel Endara

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disparity project

Disparity, by Christopher Boffoli

I just had to smile, ooh/aah-ed and be entertained when I saw the work of Christopher Boffoli with his Disparity Project {via Awesome Robo}. Miniatures are always so fun to see, and these photographs are not ones to go without noticing.

What’s your favorite?

Oh, and his other photography works/projects are also impressive and worth taking a second look (I also love his Tilt Shift photos). See more here.

Thanks N. for showing this to me!

{All images from Christopher Boffoli}

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labor day weekend

A small sample of the many nice things you will find in one of two Karolin Felix’s Etsy shop, Karolin Felix Dream.

Happy Friday, and I hope you’ll have a lovely 3-day weekend, everyone!

{All images from Karolin Felix Dream.}

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quarter three

I hope your summer is going well, everyone! It’s already the second half of 2011–have you accomplished most of your goals or met your resolutions yet??

It has been almost a month since my last blog post. I can check off everything on my “summer to-do” list (from last month) except for working out and making new products for the shop. I’ll keep working on those two goals, but in the meantime, my two jobs are keeping me quite busy. Let’s hope this isn’t going to be my life for the next several years! But then again, if I can manage a vacation here and there each year, it won’t be that bad. Right?

{Images above: beautiful and delicate watercolor paintings from Mai Autumn.}

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