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this ilk

Okay, I admit that sometimes I just want a little “bedazzle” on my simple tops or a very subtle dress when I go out, and I found these perfect accessories from This Ilk. Cute, right?

{Images from This Ilk}

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arturo rios

This famous young hat/headpiece designer Arturo Rios has his high-fashion coutour/avant garde hats worn by celebrities, and they have also been featured in many fashion magazines.

→ Visit his shop on Etsy here.

I usually like simple and subtle things, but when it comes to these avant garde hats, I’m thinking…the crazier, the better! I don’t know where I would have the chance to adorn one of these hats, though.

Check out his over-the-top collection too, where you’ll see presents and ice cream cones on your head. Okay, those might be TOO crazy for me. But…I wouldn’t mind wearing them to a costume party!

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new items & a skirt

{Dream of pastels. Check out the new clips + headbands today in the shop.}

And I tried making a second skirt last week. So far, it’s been a skirt/year…but I want to change that. The final result was better than my first attempt in terms of execution, but I know it still needs a lot more tweaking and practice to look perfect/polished.

Here are the sneak peeks (look familiar..?):


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new clips!!


I finally have more clips {with different sizes} in the shop now! The multi- & cream colored clips are inspired by the fabric in the same collection as the recently listed greeting cards.


+ canary yellow
+ star burst
+ creamy white

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gappy friday!

{Check out these cute laser-cut wood accessories & jewelry by VectorCloud.}

This weekend I will be working on my shop some more, going watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Jayven, and finishing up the holidays decorations at home.

How are you spending your first weekend before Christmas?

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