arturo rios

This famous young hat/headpiece designer Arturo Rios has his high-fashion coutour/avant garde hats worn by celebrities, and they have also been featured in many fashion magazines.

→ Visit his shop on Etsy here.

I usually like simple and subtle things, but when it comes to these avant garde hats, I’m thinking…the crazier, the better! I don’t know where I would have the chance to adorn one of these hats, though.

Check out his over-the-top collection too, where you’ll see presents and ice cream cones on your head. Okay, those might be TOO crazy for me. But…I wouldn’t mind wearing them to a costume party!

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11 thoughts on “arturo rios

  1. oh my the drama! definitely perfet for surprisingly daramatic dress up occassion. the last feathered hat looks fantastic.

  2. ctran85 says:

    Ahh, I want one, particularly one of the first two! Along with the guts to wear one. It looks like something Carrie Bradshaw would totally pull off.

  3. Akshay Nair says:

    Nice hat pictures, would love to do a photoshoot with such stylish props!

  4. Why don’t people wear hats like these anymore? They’re fabulous! I think we should work on bringing them back — and fancy dinner parties with that.

  5. KellyP says:

    Oh I love these- if I was going to the Royal Wedding (my invite got lost in the mail) I would totally wear one of these! :)

  6. KellyP says:

    Haha I’ll just have to wait till P.Harry and I get hitched and pull out the craziest hat ever! ;)

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