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friday furniture

I would love to have these pieces nesting in my home:

1. Blossoms headboard by Holley & Gill
2. Wind lamp by Lazy Susan
3. Leather sofa recliner
4. Ludo nightstand in Wenge
5. Etna coffee table by mstrf
6. Anno Inez panel from IKEA

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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swarm (room dividers)

“The term Swarm describes an aggregation of animals (insects, fish, birds and microorganisms) of similar size and body orientation, generally cruising in the same direction. The Swarm space divider displays a similar behavior, softening spaces, fading in and out, creating texture and motion.

Swarm offers great flexibility in density and scale enabling the creation of light-filled, intimate spaces within open environments. The self-standing units blend together when arranged in groups.”

Mike and Maaike

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right on the walls

Removable wall art made out of vinyl stickers by Pop Wall on Etsy. I would love to decorate my place with one of their designs. {Images from Pop Wall}

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Via Woova, Trendir, M0ddie, and Furniture Fashion.

When I can afford to build and design my own house, I’ll have to have a huge bath tub, preferably one in the middle of a bedroom looking out the window with a shower head from the ceiling. Or something like that. =)

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sweet potatoes with marshmallows

I attempted my non-existent baking skills (besides brownies in a box) at sweet potatoes with marshmallows last night. The recipe looked really easy, and we even had Nam’s mom repeated her own recipe to us (probably the 5th time already). But we must have done something wrong because the sweet potatoes came out stringy and wet while the marshmallows completely melted.

The only good thing that came out last night was our dinner: Tilapia filet topped with pan-fried cherry tomatoes served with steamed white rice and asparagus. By the way, asparagus maked your urine smell pretty bad. But, it’s still tasty and good for you!

I want these cool bookshelves in my apartment. The first three might be less practical but they still make great wall art. The last one was a DIY project for small living spaces, and it’s something I can definitely see in my apartment. (Dornob)

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plans: home

My sewing machine came last week(!), and I’m currently editing one of my store-bought dresses to “test-run” the machine before working on the new dress I started over the summer.

Since Japan (sadly) won’t be happening early next year, I’ve convinced myself to be content with just weekend trips, paying off my last credit card, and buying materials to make and sell things on Etsy.

Let’s hope next year will be the end of a bad dream and the start of a new and fresh beginning, however slow it might take to change.


Underground office, anyone? (Office Selgas Cano Madrid)

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floating apartment and beef

I would love to try living in the apartment complex below. Maybe do some fishing and swimming on lazy Sundays. But I kind of worry about plumbing at the same time.

The Citadel: the world’s first floating apartment, located in Holland
(Gizmodo: Architecture)

Last night after work, my mom and brother wanted to have dinner together so I suggested going to Green Leaf Restaurant since they’ve never been there before. Big mistake. They complained and compared the food (to Tamarind Tree and Vietnam House) the entire time. I guess my “bland and inexperienced” tastes in food has been blinding. But I still stand firmly on their duck noodle soup (rice vermicelli and bamboo soup, with a side of duck salad).

We had two kinds of duck noodle soups (one I love and the other I hate: egg noodles soup with 5-spice duck meat) and the 7-course beef. For those that don’t know what the last dish is, below is brief explanation.

Typical dishes, usually served in the following order, are:

[1] Beef salad has pickled carrot, pickled daikon, and celery salad with thin strips of beef marinated in fish sauce.

[2] Beef patties served with rice crackers.

[3] Beef fondue cooked in seasoned vinegar broth, wrapped spring-roll style with leafy greens and rice vermicelli, and dipped in fermented shrimp sauce.

[4] Ground beef rolled in caul fat.

[5] Ground beef rolled in a leaf very similar to a grape leaf.

[6] Strips of beef rolled around a piece of scallion.

[7] Beef congee.

The only thing I like about this 7-course beef dish is #3. In fact, I would prefer all Vietnamese restaurants have that as a standalone dish like what I had at my aunt’s house in VN (below). My mouth is watering just from looking at it again.

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