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warm & fuzzy inside

…is this video of a child’s first discovery of rain. <3

(put your earbuds on to listen!)

and have a wonderful weekend!

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I woke up this morning full of thoughts that had been brewing quietly. One apparent conclusion (after writing them out) was that those are just some of the many things I have no control over, but I let them get to me anyway.

So then I’ve been thinking about getting into meditation–mostly focusing on ‘insight meditation’. This type of meditation, also called vipassana or mindful meditation, is based on having an increased awareness and acceptance of living in the present moment. It aims to free the mind from the distortions of negativity and stress-inducing thoughts. Seeing life as a constantly changing process, one begins to accept pleasure and pain, fear and joy, and all aspects of life with more balance and inner peace. It broadens your conscious awareness and focus on what you experience during meditation, such as the flow of your breath.

Here’s an excerpt from a thoughtful article about coping with your brain:

                “Last year, a Harvard study confirmed that there’s a clear connection between mind wandering and unhappiness. Not only did the study find that if you’re awake, your mind is wandering almost half the time, it also found that this wandering is linked to a less happy state. This is not surprising, since when your mind is wandering, it’s not generally to the sweet things in your life: More likely, it’s to thoughts like why your electric bill was so high, why your boss was rude to you today, or why your ex-husband is being so difficult.”
                                                       —Eat, Smoke, Meditate: Why Your Brain Cares How You Cope

There’s even an iPhone app used in the study that tracks your happiness.

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