my father, my hero

Whether it’s been 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks or 3 days–I don’t miss him any less. The fact that I can swell up in tears at the instant thought of him means nothing has really changed. It is especially difficult to deal with around this time of the year. I cannot fall asleep when my head is full of thoughts about him. I keep seeing him in my dreams when I finally do. I look at his photos and memories come flooding back. The only comforting thought to carry on is the glimmer of hope that he is always with me, watching over me and our family.

He was the happiest and most optimistic person I have ever met. He might have been flawed to other people, but he was always perfect in my eyes. After he was gone, a permanent dark cloud looms over our heads every day. Nothing is the same anymore. Just a big broken mirror with glass pieces glued in place.

Still, I will try to make him proud. Because I am my father’s daughter.

Because he is my hero.

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6 thoughts on “my father, my hero

  1. Oh, my gosh! This is how I feel about my dad. And he died long, long, long ago when I was just five and a half years old.

  2. Kaho says:

    This is so beautiful… Thank you for sharing.

  3. erick says:

    Hey Angie – i was browsing pinterest and saw your eats page and somehow waddled over to your blog. I’m a dad – 47, with two daughters that recently graduated college. I think every dad would love their daughter to share such a wonderful little story and solidify their legacy. I have a step daughter that I love as my own, and one day I went to tell her of her dad’s passing. Her response was, “I’m hungry! What are we having for dinner?” It struck me because as you get older, you start thinking more about your legacy, and I very much knew, like your dad, that was not going to be mine. I assure you that the stories that you share about him are enough for him. Truth is, he’d be happiest with your happiness. Thanks for the sharing; the photographs say it all.

    • hi erick, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your a little bit about yourself as well. often times most of us tend to not appreciate people or things until they’re gone. i was that way too unfortunately. now it is too late so thats probably why i’m still having such a hard time dealing with his death. but thanks again for sharing your thoughts as well. :-)

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