Happy Friday!

You may have seen these before in my tweets, but if not–here they are! Mine and N.’s used-but-still-great bicycles, and we’ve been trying to get the most of out of them the second half of this summer.

My red bike (I was told by the seller that it was in the STP (Seattle-to-Portland) Bicycle Classic). So it’s quite a trooper.

N.’s bike (his is newer and better than mine).

It’s been fun (and sometimes stressful/frustrating) learning how to ride a road bike for the first time, but I am loving it now. Too bad we live in a rainy city!

I still want a little basket on my bicycle, though. And then maybe put our cat Link in it for a joy ride. ;-P

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6 thoughts on “bicycling

  1. I hope the rain clears up so you can take your bike out on a ride soon! And do get that little basket.

  2. It has been a ridiculously long time since I’ve ridden a real bike…You’re making me want to get one. And a basket sounds lovely!

  3. bookjunkie says:

    sob…I wish I knew how to cycle especially with all these beautiful bikes around. I just have absolutely no balance. Any tips on how to learn?

    • i’m a newbie myself! still struggling a little bit going uphill since i have zero endurance right now. but balancing and staying calm are very important, plus be very alert of your surroundings, too, when you’re on the road. you should get a bicycle and learn! it’s really fun. :-)

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