wedding weekend

Yesterday was my friend Anh’s wedding at Golden Gardens {a lovely beach in Seattle}. She and her new husband Tyler are such a fun and adorable couple and I can’t be any happier that they’re finally married!

The bride was beautiful, weather couldn’t be better and the wedding turned out great with all their close friends and family. Now I’m just waiting for the little ones to come so I can play with. :-)

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Cook!

{See more photos}

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27 thoughts on “wedding weekend

  1. linda says:

    yay! photos. they look great. my schedule was all out of sorts yesterday so i didn’t even have time to prepare to bring my camera. i’m glad you did though. it was a fun day! more fun to come in another 2 weeks. =)

  2. Minh says:

    so speedy! Awesome pics and I too can’t wait for our trip! :)

  3. rachel says:

    oh, it looks like such a lovely wedding! and I’m envious of her cake.

  4. what a beautiful wedding and that cake is gorgeous!

  5. whoa so crazy!! this actually looks like my friend’s wedding in seattle! the venue looks soo similar! it’s gorgeous!!

  6. What a perfect beautiful wedding. Everything looks great, from the stylish wedding cake (the woven white ball gave an artistic , interesting accent)to the happy wedding couple. the photos captured it all.

  7. Christina says:

    Gosh, these are so beautiful. The photo where the flower girl is looking down is breathtaking. Children really are the best photography subjects!

  8. thank you, christina! oh yeah, the flower girl is so cute, along with her little brother (the little boy you see in some of these photos).

  9. danica says:

    this looks like such a beautiful wedding. classy and intimate and yet not too over the top.

  10. Tyler says:


    These are great pictures! Thank you so much for all the help you and Nam gave us! Anh loved how everything turned out! We really hope that you all had a good time too!

  11. Nikki says:

    Love your photos! I’ve been begging friends to get married there forever, so far no takers! ;)

  12. Miss Neira says:

    Gorgeous bridesmaid colors! so lovely.

    Miss Neira

  13. _ffyona says:

    Gorgeous! That cake is out of the world!

  14. jinnie says:

    Your photos are so beautiful!! I was just at a wedding, too, but only a few of my photos came out well ^^;; I’ll just blame the 90+ degree weather. (Ha!)

  15. bookjunkie says:

    that’s the most gorgeous wedding cake ever!

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