i’m back! {sort of}

{I love the top and skirt here.}

Sorry I’ve been MIA these past couple of weeks! I landed a new job (yes, that was my belated good news!), and have been busy ever since–not to mention returning to my second job (as a visual merchandiser) on the weekends.

And since it’s summer, most likely I’ll be offline more often than not to see friends, spend more time with family and enjoy the sun. I hope you will, too!

Some of the things I look forward to over the next few months:

• My good friend (Anh) visiting Seattle again from Vietnam
• Attending my other (Anh) friend’s wedding (the first one in our group to get married!)
• Canada trip with my girlfriends for the weekend
• Redesigning my website + this blog
• Putting out new products in the shop
• Working out (Maybe? At least tennis…)

I hope the second half of this year will be less rough than the first half–with more distractions, happier new memories and better weather. Besides, winter is best for hibernating + spending more time online, anyway.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

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6 thoughts on “i’m back! {sort of}

  1. Such gorgeous finds! Congratulations on the new job :) I am in the process of relocating and trying to find a new position. Fingers crossed that everything falls into place. The Summer is definitely meant for enjoying the company of others and spending time outside. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. alice says:

    whoah whoah whoah. i come back here and things are all different now! :) congrats on moving on. it’s a pretty good feeling, yeah?

  3. Hope you’re having fun with your new job. Every time I’m on a new job it’s both exciting with a mix of a small amount of anxiety. But it’s refreshing to be be in a new place, meeting new people. Have a great Summer.

  4. that’s true. the job is keeping me busy and challenged, so that’s a good thing. :-)

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