etsy favorites

Sometimes I don’t want or need colors to brighten my day. Honestly, a bit of white, black or other shades in between looks just as pretty and refreshing! I think my closet also displays more whites and blacks than any other color.

And speaking of closets, mine has been looking so drabby and uninspiring lately because I haven’t added anything new to the collection. I really really want a big {summer} shopping spree right now.

. . . . .


1. sweetfineday: kitchen conversion print
2. french felt: silver maille mesh french purse
3. little retreats: groucho marx meets charlie chaplin photo booth prop on a stick
4. elephantine: thelma bracelet
5. andrea0503 {MIRTAjewelry}: eye herkimer diamond oxidized silver ring
6. the little factory: serif tote bag

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9 thoughts on “etsy favorites

  1. Yeri says:

    What great finds! That herkimer diamond ring is GORGEOUS. It also kind of reminds me of an Edison bulb. Very minimal but beautiful!

  2. Piper says:

    great collage – i’ve been smitten with that tote bag! of course i heart anything typography related :)

  3. the kitchen conversions towel is fantastic.

  4. Kim says:

    Which reminds me that I should support custom-made stuff more :S

  5. The kitchen conversions poster is an immediate favorite — really, how could it not be? And you’re right. Even though there isn’t any color, my day is suddenly brighter.

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