dad & donating

{Dad, mom, and me on our vacation in Dalat, Vietnam – 1989.}

Today is my late dad’s birthday.

A couple weeks ago, we received a letter from LifeCenter Northwest with information about his organ recipients. The news gave us a little bit more comfort because we’re so glad to know everything went well for those recipients, and my dad would’ve been so happy because he was still able to help people even after he’s gone.

His left kidney was given to a married 66-year-old man with two children. We were told the man has a very close relationship with his family and church. He is also looking forwarding to renewed strength, energy and returning to his job as the owner of a small business.

His right kidney was given to a married 51-year-old woman. This woman is disabled but has a prior career in the computer industry.

His liver was gifted to a 12-year-old boy, who was not previously ill prior to this. The boy is able to return to school healthier now.

His heart was accepted by the International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine (IIAM), where researchers are working to improve cardiac preservation times to extend the duration of time enabling a heart to travel a greater distance for transplant. They are also doing research to identify coronary plaque and identify the type of plaque through non-surgical means.

His stomach was also recovered and accepted by IIAM for research studies in gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

Thank you, dad!
You were the Mother Teresa in my world.

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6 thoughts on “dad & donating

  1. T Nguyen says:

    I’m go glad to hear this! No words can ever form how much of amazing person your dad was!

  2. D. Mai says:

    Very touching! These people received the most priceless gifts. I am having childhood flashbacks of your father teasing me about how skinny I was. He was such an amiable man with charismatic personality.

  3. sobrina says:

    such a touching post! I can’t even begin to imagine how much joy he has given to his organ recipients.

  4. bookjunkie says:

    I felt so touched to the core when I read this post. Just want to reach out and hug you.

    I lost my dad many years ago but it was too sudden and too soon. I can see that your dad is your hero like how mine was to me.

    Your dad looks so cool and handsome in that photo with the shades (totally reminds me of my dad) and you were such a cutie! We loved taking photos at waterfalls too.

    Your dad helped save so many lives and I think that is amazing. He looks so much like an old colleague of mine who was generous to a fault.

    • bookjunkie says:

      strangely I dreamed about him alot. Not in the beginning. In the beginning I just sobbed myself to sleep and wondered how I could carry on. It does get better. For me it’s been almost 9 years…but it’s all so blurry…..It consoles me that my dad never grew old or had to suffer or experience the difficulties that come with old age…that comforts me.

      I used to write to him in my journal to tell him how much I loved him. The worst part for me was not being able to tell him that and I felt so many regrets. So many things that I did that was selfish and so many things I wish I could redo. But knowing my dad loved me…sustained me….his love really sustained me.

      I can totally tell that you were your father’s angel too. His darling girl.

  5. i’m sorry for your loss…this post is so beautiful and touching and i’m glad your dad was able to share such wonderful gifts.


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