happy, happy friday

I have achieved my first resolution for this year already. Yay! The feelings? Accomplished, satisfied and relieved are among many others. I’m sure all you shop/small business owners know and understand exactly how it feels when you just opened your first shop with the things you’ve designed or made yourself.

It’s wonderful.

Also, my new website is up. It’s mainly a landing page to my shop and this blog. I may add more features and content to the site later on, so I will keep you up to date!

So how am I going to end this special week, you ask? Well, I think I’m going to celebrate it by having some Korean jajangmyeon (and possibly other delicious noodle dishes) with a couple friends tomorrow. Yum! {For the recipe, try Tastes of Home’s via Tastespotting or watch a video instead.}

Have a great weekend, everyone. =)

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3 thoughts on “happy, happy friday

  1. rachel says:

    have a great (and delicious) weekend!

  2. Taylee says:

    Congratulations on opening shop! Always a wonderful feeling :)

    I’m thinking that I need that dish in front of me right about now. Yup, looks delicious!

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