{a} vintage poster

Wouldn’t you want one of these simple + fun posters for those pick-me-ups you need sometimes? Or just to spice up an empty wall in your home or office? Right now I currently have the Bad Kitties calendar, which is also perfect at work.

Yes, I have a little unhealthy obsession with all things kitties, especially watching kitty videos. Like this and that video. =)

And speaking of work, I’ve been battling a bad cold ever since I returned. This makes commuting to work a {cold} nightmare and staying alive at work almost unbearable. Summer, please please come soon.

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5 thoughts on “{a} vintage poster

  1. hey! you should totally make those cookies – so easy to make! Have a lovely weekend! My weekend starts today =)

  2. Ohhh hope you will feel better soon, darling and those prints are so sweet! I love stuff like that:)
    Hugs and kisses, darling

  3. these are lovely! i really dig the suitcases one. get well soon!

    xo Alison

  4. thanks! im hoping it will go away this weekend, too.

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