quirky collective & goals

I love these children clothes. Wish my mom had dressed me in them when I was young..!

Oh, and why does this first week back feel so long and slow? It’s only the beginning of the year, too. I need {to} change.

On that note, I’m still in the process of making new {and some old} goals, but here’s my list so far:

• be more {physically} active
• open an online shop
• eat healthier
• save {more}
• travel at least 2x this year

So best of luck to ME and all of YOU in achieving your goals this year!

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7 thoughts on “quirky collective & goals

  1. All the best! My goals are the same as yours except that I don’t have the talent to open an online shop! Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

  2. LOVE your header sweetie!! it’s sooo cute!! and those tights with prints are too cute!!

  3. sagemag says:

    Those socks are so cute! I gotta have em.

  4. really awesome list of goals. and those socks are adorable!

    xo Alison

  5. I really like your goals,sweetie. Good luck with them. The little hat is sooooo cool:) Such a great post

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