apartment + earrings

Came home and found this package in the mail. Since it’s the last thing I had ordered recently, I knew exactly what this small paper envelope contained. =)

The earrings {from Paper Biscuit} that I’ve been looking and waiting for have finally arrived!

Aren’t they adorable? And the blue rectangular pair is quite unique, I think.

. . . . . .

Apartment Update:

So we finally secured an apartment this past weekend that appears to be better than the current apartment and not too far away from work. I guess a bonus (for my parents) is that the place is a lot closer to them. Oh, but moving at the end of this month will be a nightmare, though. We’ve also taken granted of our current spacious apartment, so downgrading to a small pantry will be a big shock once everything is moved to the new place. But hey, at least there won’t be anymore pacing-stomping-floors-creaking-loud-TV-playing nights anymore. Or hearing a million cars go by 24/7. However, we will surely miss the charming area and community..

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2 thoughts on “apartment + earrings

  1. Stacey says:

    good luck with the move, so nice these adorable earrings will be going with you :)

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