it feels too short

What a busy weekend it was! Well, for this homebody couple anyway. Besides the ordinary weekend visits and errands, we decided to finally check out Ballard’s Sunday farmers market because we will be moving out of this place soon. It was a lot bigger than University District’s (the only other farmers market I’ve ever been to). And while I walked along with street eating mini donuts and veggie quesadillas, I thought about how much I liked this area and the rest of North Seattle compared to the South Seattle area.

Anyway, we also looked for more apartments past Ballard and started packing up for the move. I realized how big the current apartment is and all the extra storage space we’d taken advantage of. Well, no more of that after this month, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons for this one.

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2 thoughts on “it feels too short

  1. donald says:

    oh, so you decided on a place? where at? moving is such a pain for me, i am still packed because I have to move again once the new apartment is ready

  2. namasterisk says:

    I see your bag in the reflection!

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