home sweet home

{Top-left: Cork, Newgrange, Lausanne’s Ouchy, old Zurich. For more photos, please visit my Flickr}

I’m back to back to Seattle! Home is comfort and familiar, and I welcomed it with open arms. (For a short period of time, anyway.)

Working in Ireland has been a good experience! The office is prettier (with a lot of green!) and everyone was super friendly and welcoming. Cork is a very small city, borderline town-like, and charming in its own Irish way. We didn’t have a lot of time to travel around Ireland during the 3 weeks stay, but my coworkers and I managed to go on a mini weekend road trip to Dublin (disappointing), with stops in Wicklow and Newgrange.

After three weeks, I was done with work and on my way to Switzerland! My friend and his girlfriend were kind enough to show me a little bit of Geneva and charming Lausanne (where they currently live) for a couple days. Then I met up with another friend from Seattle who’s working in Vietnam that happens to be traveling in the country the same time I was! We explored lovely Zurich and its old + new parts of the city. I only had time tor the cities on my first trip to Switzerland, but I fell in love with the country anyway! Now I really want to go back and discover the Swiss alps in the near future.

Met friendly strangers while traveling alone. Ate good food in Switzerland (also had some Vietnamese food, finally, after 3 weeks of going without!). Creepy old men staring. Amazing summer weather. Very tired of trains, buses, and airplanes. All in all, I’m very very happy that I was able to travel to Europe on business + vacation for the first time. =)

On a side note, I came back and realized how fat Link is becoming. He currently has a big lump of fat/skin drooping down his stomach when he walks. Wth! So he is going on a little diet right now.

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