pho big bowl

Earlier today I went to check out Pho Big Bowl restaurant that recently opened in Ballard. Everything from the decor and service to the quality of the food reminded me exactly of Pho Than Brothers. In other words, this place is only good for a starving/craving day for pho and you can’t make it to the International District, a proper pho place somewhere else, or your mom’s pho. I happened to witness the server giving complimentary spring rolls for this one customer to “try” while I had to pay for mine. The reason? Email me if you’re really curious and I’ll give you a whole schpiel of it.

The only thing peculiar about this place was that they have the “Pho Big Bowl Special” for $19.95. It looks like the size of this, but a tad smaller:

Via Facebook

And the name…where do I begin? Besides lacking originality and all things corny, it’s “like an error that slipped through dozens and dozens of proofreaders,” said Nam.

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One thought on “pho big bowl

  1. PBB’s closer to my home than Than Brothers and has better veg in the tofu version, so it just won my “proximity” allegiance! The 50-cent takeaway charge needs to go away, though. Yes, Big Bowlers, boxing is a hassle and requires paraphernalia, but then you don’t have to wait on me, wash dishes or reserve table space. Call it even, if you can’t offer a discount. But a surcharge? Booooo!

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