off to san francisco & it’s february now

{To see a few more photos, click here}

I returned last night from a weekend trip to San Francisco with my friend Anh. Her friend Va {whom I’ve met once two years ago when she was visiting Seattle) generously let us stay at her cozy place in Berkeley. We hit up a Korean restaurant {Oghane} in Oakland the first night and stuffed ourselves with gal-bi bbq, spicy cold noodles and tofu soup. Flight at 3pm was delayed and we didn’t get to Berkeley until 8pm. So Thursday and Saturday were spent on flying. I hate flying.

The following day consisted of Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39, {wasted a lot of time driving around} Golden Gate Park, food and gift shopping in Japantown, and briefly through Chinatown to look for crabs. We completely {and accidently, oops} missed the Golden Gate Bridge and had to rush back to Berkeley for dinner as the rain started pouring.

Our Friday dinner in Va’s kitchen was mixed sashimi (salmon, tai, and squid) and delicious {$2.99/lb!} crabs. So yummy and filling. It was a laid-back and slow {in a relaxing sort of way} trip, but I’m always glad to be out of Seattle. I also really want warmer weather to come quickly so I can escape these winter blues.

                                                                               … … …

Things to get done before the Lunar New Year:

.rearrange living room & work space
.bank accounts
.extend apartment lease
.re-seller permit
.pay rent
.apply for jobs

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