paper art

Paper art by Yulia Brodskaya, an amazing artist that focuses on typography, paper, and detailed hand-made craft objects.

Every time I find great design works from various artists all over the Internet, I get so inspired and motivated to create my own art, too. But once I get home, I’m mentally drained from work, and not to mention I would have Link pestering me all night for attention. So on most nights I end up eating dinner in front of the TV after a shower, and then heading off to the bedroom.

I used to paint more often, and below are some of my amateur work I had done for class and for fun 4-5 years ago. {Clockwise from top: pointillism, ink-pressed drawing, oil painted Lazy Susan, and still life}.

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One thought on “paper art

  1. Hungover Guy says:

    As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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