housing plans

Cut-out red plastic cup Link was forced to wear for 3 days after he was neutered. It’s not painful but he completely lost his spunk the first couple days, not to mention getting two other vaccines after taking away his manhood. And keychain came from one of my customers, along with a small thank you note. =) It says “I LOVE AUSTRALIA”.

I hope I can ask for a 6-month contract when we renew our lease so we’ll have enough time to find a better place. The apartment is ridiculously spacious for the rent price but I hate the fact that the place is so OLD. And Nam hates the noisy and busy street right outside our window. A friend of ours has a business Spottago that helps people find apartments and housing easier. When it’s relaunched, I’ll be utilizing the site to find a new apartment. =) It’s just really time-consuming and frustrating to search for apartments using different sites with different information.

My mom wants us to invest in a house, preferably near where they live. Because it doesn’t make sense to them that we’re paying rent for an apartment when we can either pay rent to them or pay mortgage. But I brush off the suggestion every time she brings the topic up. Mainly for several reasons: 1) Having a house is a lot of maintenance, 2) It might too be close to their place = frequent visits, and most importantly 3) Our plans to live and work abroad in the future while owning/paying for a house {in Seattle} doesn’t make any sense.


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