christmas is over, finally

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these beautiful diamond rings from Lonestar Estates, Erie Basin and Fay Cullen! I hardly own anything vintage, but for some reason, vintage rings are much more appealing to me than modern ones.

                                                                             … … …

So I stayed at my parents house last weekend, and Jayven finally came home with his mom on Sunday. The house is buzzing with his cartoon movies and noise again. This means my mom is busy now. Which also means less guilt trips on me. Currently Jayven is very curious about Link and wants the kitten to sleep with him at night (in the litter box which he thought was a “sleeping cave” for cats).

And I don’t mean to be the Grinch this year, but I’m very glad Christmas is over and the new year is coming up in a few days. Not necessarily to celebrate the new year, but to know that it’s finally January and there’s a new year to be filled with who-knows-what.

Many years ago, my family used to visit houses with tons of Christmas lights, put up a tree, exchange presents, go to Christmas Eve mass together followed by Christmas morning mass, host/attend parties with friends and families, and decorate the house. Now we just have a family lunch/dinner, put up a few strings of lights here and there outside, and call it a day. I still love Christmas, but the holiday spirit seems to dissipate more and more each year, especially this one. I’m really hoping 2010 will give us more reason to celebrate.

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