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I finished Season 3 of Eureka last night. Sadly, I will have to wait for a whole new season next year. I wish there are endless episodes of my favorite TV shows so I’ll never run out of shows to watch. Nam got me into the habit of watching TV (but not on cable) again, so now it’s hard to pull my eyes away from it and step in my little workshop. Okay, so while I’m at work, I actually want to be at home. But once I leave the building, I dread going home. I hope that feeling will dissolve soon so I can sum up any motivation I can get to finish the bedroom painting, buy materials, and starting creating!

To top it off, I’ve been sleeping horribly, mostly thanks to Link who is still a baby and craves for my attention every single minute. It’s difficult training him to sleep outside the bedroom because I’m constantly worried about the neighbors hearing his meows and wails outside my door. The minute I get home from work, he wouldn’t stop meowing and leaving me alone to do my stuff. We’re planning to move to a better apartment that also allows pets, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

I feel like a distressed single mother.

P.S. Sleeping between 10pm-12am really IS amazing. I woke up a little after 12am and felt like I had slept the whole night. Fortunately, I still had another 7 hours of [disrupted] sleep to go!

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