floating apartment and beef

I would love to try living in the apartment complex below. Maybe do some fishing and swimming on lazy Sundays. But I kind of worry about plumbing at the same time.

The Citadel: the world’s first floating apartment, located in Holland
(Gizmodo: Architecture)

Last night after work, my mom and brother wanted to have dinner together so I suggested going to Green Leaf Restaurant since they’ve never been there before. Big mistake. They complained and compared the food (to Tamarind Tree and Vietnam House) the entire time. I guess my “bland and inexperienced” tastes in food has been blinding. But I still stand firmly on their duck noodle soup (rice vermicelli and bamboo soup, with a side of duck salad).

We had two kinds of duck noodle soups (one I love and the other I hate: egg noodles soup with 5-spice duck meat) and the 7-course beef. For those that don’t know what the last dish is, below is brief explanation.

Typical dishes, usually served in the following order, are:

[1] Beef salad has pickled carrot, pickled daikon, and celery salad with thin strips of beef marinated in fish sauce.

[2] Beef patties served with rice crackers.

[3] Beef fondue cooked in seasoned vinegar broth, wrapped spring-roll style with leafy greens and rice vermicelli, and dipped in fermented shrimp sauce.

[4] Ground beef rolled in caul fat.

[5] Ground beef rolled in a leaf very similar to a grape leaf.

[6] Strips of beef rolled around a piece of scallion.

[7] Beef congee.

The only thing I like about this 7-course beef dish is #3. In fact, I would prefer all Vietnamese restaurants have that as a standalone dish like what I had at my aunt’s house in VN (below). My mouth is watering just from looking at it again.

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