one holiday down, another one to go

Some jewelry pieces from Yoola, Dogeared and Beadlovers that I would love to wear. There are so many talented jewelers out there and I’m very impressed with some of the unique creations they have! Sadly, I don’t think I have any knack for jewelry-making.

It was nice being pampered by my mom this weekend when I came home to stay with her for Thanksgiving. However, she keeps telling me to move back home when Nam leaves so I can save money. I’m going to try to refuse the idea until she gives up, but it’s going to be another battle. Sleeping in my old bed is still comfy and warm, but the homey feeling was lacking. Jayven’s not here so the house is too quiet. I also had a nice dinner over shrimp & lobster scampi with Anh and Chi Ai-Khanh last night. (I also found out I’ve been making shrimp scampi all wrong.) As time continues to fly and leap, all of us see each other less often, so any get-together we have is usually fun and nostalgic.

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