immune system

I just got back from a ‘wellness’ info session at work. Now that I thought about it, I should have gone to the fair earlier this week to get a massage and a break from work. Since I’m pulling 11 hours of work today, I might as well attend this one-hour session on how to stay healthy during the winter. Dr. Best talked about different things you can do to boost your immune system and ones that will suppress them. Surprise-surprise, according to her checklist, I have a vulnerable immune system that can shut down any moment. Maybe this will also motivate me to take better care of myself so I won’t feel like a zombie all the time.

So here are my “Strengthen You Immune System” goals:

1. Stretch – because I don’t exercise

2. Breathe – you actually don’t breathe enough most of the time

3. Drink water – take your body weight (lbs) and divide by 2. the number should be how many ounces you need per day

4. Better diet – the ones i need: fiber, calcium, iron, protein

5. Sleep before 10pm – the best sleep of the night happens between 10pm-12am, so 2 hours there is better than 4 hours of sleep after 12am (!)

Speaking of body, I like this green table (in the shape of a woman’s torso) by Atelier van Lieshout. Source: Droog

“This form encourages people to sit at various angles making different ways of interaction possible.”

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