I have finally made a decision as to where the direction of my noodle ‘n thread shop will go from here. With that said, the shop will be on hiatus shortly, so right now I am having a big sale (on Etsy).

More details about the new changes to my shop will follow [later]. :-)

In the meantime, happy shopping!

{Images from Coni Matta.}

I would love to wear these beautiful hand-painted (!!!) silk tops from Coni Matta, a workshop in Milan, Italy. Light and airy, simple subtle designs and colors–totally my style. (I’m so especially in love with the bottom-left top.)

As I’m slowly catching up on my favorite blogs, I kinda got inspired again and started thinking about what I want to make/create next. Perhaps new headband styles or clips for my shop, and more summer tops and skirts for myself? Ideas are running through my head now.. Oh, how I love finding out about all these talented people and their creations!

Speaking of the shop, I’m currently having a summer giveaway over at Sandy a la Mode’s blog. Come check it out! :-)


To celebrate the month of May since it’s my anniversary with N. {and also my birthday}, I am excited to announce my first sale since opening my shop on Etsy!

Starting today Monday, May 2nd until Sunday, May 29th you can get 15% off on your order* {before shipping and/or taxes if applicable}.

Please enter discount code: HAPPYMAY15 at checkout to redeem your coupon.

Happy shopping!!!

*not valid on custom order(s)

{Dream of pastels. Check out the new clips + headbands today in the shop.}

And I tried making a second skirt last week. So far, it’s been a skirt/year…but I want to change that. The final result was better than my first attempt in terms of execution, but I know it still needs a lot more tweaking and practice to look perfect/polished.

Here are the sneak peeks (look familiar..?):



I’ve been making these new greeting cards to add to the shop, and they’re sold in packs of 3. These sets have a different look and theme from the cards I’ve been carrying in the shop, inspired by the fabric used in this collection.


+ star bursts
+ dials
+ a field of flowers
+ single buds

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The lovely Erin from Bows and Sparrows is currently hosting a giveaway for one of my headbands from the shop. Please stop by her blog to enter for a chance to win!

Giveaway ends Friday – February 4, 2011 @ 12PM PST.

Thank you for all your support!!!

Happy playing!

{noodle ‘n thread headbands: shop here}

It’s only been less than a week since the launch of my new shop and things are going much better than I had ever imagined.

Thank you Rachel {from elephantine} and Linda {from one fine dae} for the feature!! I was so shocked and happy at the same time after seeing my stuff on your lovely blogs. Also thanks to a new blog I just started reading by Whitney {from whitney biber}, and to the sweet Brandi {from not your average ordinary} for linking my shop on her blog.

And thank you to my fellow readers, other bloggers and friends for all the awesome compliments. I am so grateful and happy, and I hope it will only get better after this. :-)

I have achieved my first resolution for this year already. Yay! The feelings? Accomplished, satisfied and relieved are among many others. I’m sure all you shop/small business owners know and understand exactly how it feels when you just opened your first shop with the things you’ve designed or made yourself.

It’s wonderful.

Also, my new website is up. It’s mainly a landing page to my shop and this blog. I may add more features and content to the site later on, so I will keep you up to date!

So how am I going to end this special week, you ask? Well, I think I’m going to celebrate it by having some Korean jajangmyeon (and possibly other delicious noodle dishes) with a couple friends tomorrow. Yum! {For the recipe, try Tastes of Home’s via Tastespotting or watch a video instead.}

Have a great weekend, everyone. =)

I am very excited to introduce to you my new online shop: NOODLE ‘N THREAD


Inspired by many successful designers and handmade shop owners (thank you!)–plus my dream of having my own handmade dress shop someday–I finally decided {in 2010} to start making it happen for myself.

My shop is currently starting out with accessories and a few paper goods until I have enough skills (yay!) to transition to clothes, especially dresses. You will also find most (if not all) of my products quite minimal + simple. Sometimes colorful, but never flashy.

I still have so many ideas about the direction of this shop and the products I want to carry, so you can expect to see more shop updates in the next several weeks after the launch.


Lastly, I want to give a big THANK YOU shoutout to those who have given me awesome tips, help, advice, and other kinds of support throughout this whole process. You know who you are, and know that I truly appreciate all the support and help you guys have given to me. ;-)

Also, since I am so new at this whole shop thing, any advice you can give me would be so awesome and greatly appreciated!!! Please email me at hello[at]noodlenthread[dot]com.


…my {first ever} online shop!

Launch date: WEDNESDAY – JANUARY 12, 2011

I am super excited and happy to be able to make it all happen at the beginning of this new year. The process took much longer than I had expected {almost a year?}, but the shop is finally ready.

Stay tuned…!

Well, after a long period of haitus from working on my shop*, I want to share a sneak peek of one of the products I recently started working on. I am feeling more excited and motivated again.

*Launch date is expected to be sometime before Spring 2011.

Hello, everyone! This will be my new blog home–a new and fresh change from LiveJournal. Hopefully I will post my updates, ideas, and inspirations on here more often.

I’m also planning to open my first online shop at Etsy. What I will be selling is TBD, but I’m mainly thinking of dresses with some accessories here and there, or even paintings. More information and updates on this will be posted in the near future once I have everything set up and ready to go, so please check back often!


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