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desserts galore

I’m admiring these pretty wedding-inspired dessert displays via WeTV. {Clockwise from top-left: Yes, Please Design, Bobbette & Belle, Sweet and Saucy Shop, and Amy Atlas Events. Photos by: Erin Hearts Court, Art of Weddings, Aaron Shintaku, and Gemma Comas.}

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new projects + yoga

Now that I’ve taken the first step and actually finished a piece {see skirt}, I’m more motivated to start working on a couple new pieces {dresses} with some fabrics I bought above. I have the design down, but the execution part is always the most tricky part of all. Next goal: adding the zipper.

Getting the shop opened and ready is going to take more time than I had anticipated. Yikes. I need to get my lazy butt off the couch and away from the TV as much as possible from now on.

Oh, and I finally started Yoga (at home). It’s pretty hard, and I found out how extremely stiff and inflexible my body is. Let’s hope that doing Yoga regularly will improve my flexibility a bit. It’s almost like working out, right?


almost there

Chicken drumsticks marinated two ways with: soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, rosemary, and various spices. Crab salad with homemade dressing: vinaigrette, extra virgin olive oil, and sesame oil. Thin spaghetti noodles cooked in butter, garlic, and cilantro.

Just two more weeks and I’ll be in Europe for the first time ever. The excitement didn’t last long after finding out I’ll be going over there for work. But as each week ends and a new one begins, it’s slowly bubbling up again as I get closer and closer to departure. Not to mention I will be turning 25 somewhere in mid-air between the US and Ireland..!

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I finally finished making this skirt! There were some reversing and re-planning, not including frustrations and distractions {from Link}, but I completed it. The first time is always the roughest, so this is nowhere up to par. But at least I have a new skirt to wear for summer now. =)

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Nao Tamura designed these cool silica sand plates, which may be nostalgic for those who’d eaten and cooked foods from large leaves before. {via designboom}

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Straight and curvy lines

Simple metal jewelry by Jessica Van Den of Epheriell Designs.

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Cute ecological design for children by French brand Castor & Chouca.

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eating green

WASARA: Disposable and stylish tableware carried by Branch, an environmentally-friendly online shop based in San Francisco. They also have other neat products like these off pitchers and bubble vase+glasses.

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Have you seen these eco-friendly purses? They’re made out of pull tabs, recycled candy wrappers, food packages, and soda labels. See more of their collection and get one for yourself!

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holes in your shoe

Stumbled upon this piece of art today while looking for something and discovered a very talented local Seattle artist, Prestin M. Yoder.

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I think I’m going to Switzerland in June after all! {Images from: Getty Images}

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bokeh summer

These photographs from Urban Pink Photography warm me up nicely for summer again.

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I always walk past arĂ­a floral as I leave work every afternoon, and finally decided to check the place online instead of constantly peering through their windows at the samples. Their gallery shows some pretty nice event and floral work. {Images: Joey Nicole Photography, Janet Klinger Photography, J Garner Photography, and Azzura Photography).

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happy spring

Emily Martin is the creator of The Black Apple whimsical prints of girls, boys, and other quirky characters.

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making sports look fun

I’ve been on a clothing rampage. Here’s another one: cute sporty fashion by Country Love via Swirl by DailyCandy. I’m guessing you’ll have to register somewhere to view the Country Love website}.

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walter baker

This outfit from Walter Baker undoubtedly stood out from all his other ones selling on Swirl by DailyCandy. Not to mention it makes you look so tall!

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layers and more layers


I love wearing {simple} layers, and Eileen Fisher‘s style reflects that idea perfectly.

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multi contemporary

Pretty classics from Multi Contemporary via ideeli.

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i <3 fragrance

Pacifica fragrances are all natural and lovely, founded by a talented Brook Harvey-Taylor and her husband Billy. I saw the products at Fireworks Gallery several years ago and have bought body perfumes, body butter, candles, and gift sets from there ever since. Check out Pacifica’s products or her blog to see more!

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My March shopping items {Forever 21}. Cute + super cheap!

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